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The Best Large Capacity Dehumidifiers – 65 to 70 pints

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The capacity of a dehumidifier is based on how much water the machine is able to draw out of the air in a 24 hour period. Large capacity machines can draw up to 70 pints of water out of the air. To identify the best models in this category I conducted thorough research, in addition to using my own personal observations.

Some of the areas that I researched included professional reviews from sources like Consumer Reports, the US Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy, and the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. I also looked at owner reviews from retailers like Amazon.com, the Allergy Buyer Club, and others. I also put together a thorough list of features that other experts and I consider important for a really good humidity lowering device. You can see these features listed in the dehumidifier comparison chart.

Large capacity appliances can be used for basements and crawlspaces or any room in your house that is really wet and humid. They are also great for laundry rooms and many are quiet enough for bedrooms and living rooms.

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