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The Pluses and Minuses of the Aprilaire 1710A

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The Aprilaire 1710A dehumidifier will pull over 11 gallons of water out of the air each day and cover an area of 2,000 square feet. It’s a real beast, yet easily portable.

If you have a really large wet area or extremely humid conditions in your home, then the Aprilaire 1710A basement and crawlspace moisture reduction device is the best option for you. There are not a lot of home models on the market that will handle 2,000 square feet and pull 11 gallons (90 pints) of water in 24 hours. You have to go up to much more expensive commercial or industrial appliances to get that kind of power.

The Aprilaire 1710A is the ideal solution for maintaining healthy level of water in the air, and preventing moisture related problems. If the humidity level in your basement exceeds 60% regularly, it will become damp, and start to emit a musty and foul odor. These are ideal conditions for the growth of fungi, mildew, mold, and variety of pathogens.

Apart from serious health problems, high humidity can cause considerable structural damage and rot. The Aprilaire 1710A is particularly suited for the cold conditions of a basement, and provides the convenience of easy installation and maintenance. Here are the main distinguishing features of this model that sets it apart from others in its category.

Easy Set Up


The Aprilaire 1710A is a freestanding portable dehumidifier, which means you don’t need to connect it to an HVAC duct system. It has a one-inch PVC outlet pipe that needs to be connected to a hose which then drains to a drain in the floor, or you can use a condensate pump to pump the water to a sink. This means you do not have to bother with emptying any collection tanks or reservoirs.

The casters make it easy to wheel it into place, even though the appliance weighs close to a hundred pounds. The 1710A stands only 22 inches tall, has a width of 20.75 inches, and length of 24 inches, which makes it ideal for placement in constricted areas like crawlspaces. Wheeling the machine into position, plugging it into a 15 amp power outlet, and attaching the outlet hose to a drain is all the set up that is required.

Ideally Suited for Cold Temperatures

The basement is usually a cold place, and most portable appliances are not suitable for efficiently reducing humidity at low temperatures. With a smaller low capacity model you might even need to use multiple units to get the humidity levels down in wet basements. The Aprilaire 1710A on the other hand is specially built to work efficiently at temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4.4 degrees Centigrade), and effectively functions in a 2,000 square foot area.

Superior Drying Ability and Energy Efficient

Aprilaire 1710A basement and crawlspace humidity lowering appliance can remove 11.25 gallons (90 pints) of moisture in a day, in conditions where the temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and 60% humidity. This is considered to be almost three times the water removal capacity, compared to other portable models of the same class.

This appliance uses a superior R410a refrigerant, which is not only eco-friendly, but proves to be highly efficient as well. This gives the best power to moisture removal ratio in this category of dehumidifiers. Other features that improve the energy efficiency are a well-designed ventilation system, frost protection, powerful CFM fan, and EPS cabinet insulation.

This video highlights some of the features of the Aprilaire 1710A.

Set Dryness to Individual Requirements

Most moisture control units work at their maximum capacity when they are turned on. However, the 1710A has a humidistat control, which enables you to set the level of moisture removal you require. This control has seven dryness settings, and proves to be particularly useful in places where the humidity fluctuates a great deal during the year.

Once the dryness level has been reached, the Aprilaire 1710A will shut off. As the humidity level rises again it will turn back on and start drying out the air again.

Very Little Maintenance Is Required

Many humidity lowering machines having collection reservoirs need frequent monitoring, and there is always a risk of overflow, or the unit shutting down when the reservoir is full. The Aprilaire 1710A does not require any monitoring as the water is automatically drained off, and can be left on without any problem.

The superior MERV 8 air filter not only provides superior air quality, but is simple to maintain as well. This filter is easily accessible, and is made of aluminum so that it can be easily cleaned, with detergent and warm water. Such cleaning is usually required only once a year.

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